Garke are legless mammalian predators, known for their fast and vicious tearing bites. There are several sub-species present on the continent of Anexea, each adapted to their local environment.

Found in packs of 2-6 (sometimes up to a dozen) animals, they are cunning and aggressive carnivores, often taking on prey much larger than themselves, using their ferocity and numbers to their advantage.

They are short furred creatures, with narrow tapered heads, and a rough scaley underbelly. Their hides are prized by furriers for their softness, colour and rich tones.

Their length is roughly one third head and neck, one third mid-body, and one third tail. Females tend to be larger than males, and live birth up to three young each spring once sexually mature.



Banded Garke are predators in the more heavily forested, and jungle growth areas of Anexea. They have a black-and-white banded appearance, with brown or grey spots along the neck and head..

The adult size ranges between 20-30 kg, and .75-1.5 m in total length.


Black Garke are predators of lightly forested areas of Anexea. They have a black-green colouration, with very dark brown and green brindling.

The black garke has teeth which are loose in their jaw, and will break off in the wounds of prey. These embedded teeth with often keep the wound bleeding, and can cause an infection if left untreated. This allows for the black garke to pursue and capture any prey that escapes.

The adult size ranges between 20-30 kg, and 1-2 m in total length.



Brown Garke frequent grassland areas of Anexea. They have a dark brown colouration with lighter brown ruff.

The adult size ranges between 30-40 kg, and 1.5-2.5 m in total length.


Desert Garke are a voracious predator of Krolaryn Wastes. They have a tawny colouration, and light through reddish-brown dappled hides.

The adult size ranging between 50-65 kg, and 2-3 m in total length.


Spotted Garke are particularly large, and solitary hunters, found in more temperate scrub-land. Similar in colouration and pattern to the Desert Garke, but with pronounced  ring-like spots along their backs.

The Spotted Garke is the only venomous sub-species of Garke. Its bite delivers a slow acting paralytic poison which aids the creature in downing prey that may escape the initial attack.

The adult size ranges between 80-100 kg and 4-5 meters in length.


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