The People of the Ark are reputed to have arrived on Entorais via a great floating island which travelled through the heavens. It broke apart and descended from the sky coming to rest in what is now the Krolaryn Desert in the northern part of the continent of Anexea. The residents were quiet different in appearance and culture; primitive and insular, they chose to live apart from the first people of Entorais.

Then came The God Wars; a vast struggle spanning the heavens. Demons from beyond the heavens arrived and began to destroy the civilizations of both the First People, and the People of the Ark. These demons unleashed vast armies of beasts and lesser demons upon Entorais to make war and enslave all people.

The gods heard the lamentations of the people, and witnessed the evil deeds enacted upon their beautiful world. They battled with the demons, eventually breaking their armies and driving them from the very heavens. Peace reigned once more and the gods made a pact with the survivors. The gods promised to watch over and protect them as long as the people remembered them in song and prayer.

The gods named these survivors Tre-Ahni, which means “protected ones”. Since this time the Tre-Ahni have spread through the world slowly rebuilding and re-populating the lands. Certain gods chose favourites amongst the Tre-Ahni. They guided their faithful worshippers in different directions than the rest. This is how the various nations and peoples came to be so different from each other.

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