Gods of the Waejiran Pantheon

Waejiran goddess of true love, sexuality, and marriage. The lover and twin sister of Baithur, Aesat is a known shape-shifter, as true love can take any form. Aesat was born directly of Silat.

Waejiran goddess of travelers, roads, and paths. She was born of Vorsha and fathered by Kaithur. It is Baileia who tricked Qeisar into stealing the secret of the wheel from Vorsha, which she then shared with the treahni.

Waejiran god of true love, sexuality, and marriage, a role he shares with Aesat. He is the shape-shifting twin brother and lover of Aesat. Baithur was born directly of Silat.

Waejiran god called “the Master of Dreams”, Balfagor is the god of night, shadows and darkness. He is believed to send out his stei, Rae and Nae, to deliver dreams to sleepers. Balfagor was fathered by Qeinor and born of Silat.

Waejiran god of storms, precipitation, and weather. Cothur was fathered by Dailor, and born of Saedeia

Waejiran elemental god of air, wind, and flight. He is said to have sprung directly from Silat.

Waejiran god and collector of all treahni lore, also called “the Thief of Time”. Son of Dailor and Vorsha. Haesur is believed to steal the knowledge of the treahni, and bring these secrets to his mother’s library. When someone dies with secrets, it is Haesur who spirits these away.
Haesur is attributed with knowing every story ever told, as well as the truth behind these stories.

Waejiran god of commerce and trade, the master of all caravans, merchants and shopkeepers. Kaithur is known to be a gambler, and is attributed with making wagers and undertaking risky endeavors; as such he is considered “the lucky god”.

Waejiran goddess of platonic love, friendship, and courtesans. She was fathered by Baithur and born to Aesat.

Waejiran mythic figure believed to deliver benign dreams to sleeping people. One of Balfagor’s stei, Nae is associated with the silver moon.

Waejiran god of death, the dead. Neithur is most often depicted as a figure robed in ash grey funeral shrouds wearing an expressionless full face mask of bronze. Neithur is said to escort the souls of the dead back to Silat. Born of Silat and fathered by Shaelar.

Waejiran goddess, and the patroness of thieves and conspirators. Called the “Daughter of Dusk”, Qaela was fathered by Balfagor and born of Saedeia.

Waejiran elemental god of earth. Qeinor is said to have sprung directly from Silat. He is attributed with teaching agriculture, and farming to the treahni.

Waejiran god of the seasons. Called “The Slave at the Wheel”, Qeisar is responsible for advancing the seasons. He was tricked by Baileia into stealing the secret of the wheel from Vorsha, and in punishment is forced to turn the seasons for the rest of eternity.
Qeisar is born of Kaithur and Sidaelia.

Waejiran mythic figure believed to deliver nightmares to sleeping people. One of Balfagor’s stei, associated with the Red moon.

Waejiran goddess of the beasts, instinct, and the purity of wild nature. She was born of Silat and fathered by Qeinor. Raitha is attributed with teaching treahni how to domesticate animals by working with their natures.

Waejiran elemental goddess of water, the sea, and all things aquatic. She is said to have sprung directly from Silat.
She is attributed with teaching the treahni the arts of brewing, distilling, and winemaking.

Waejiran elemental god of fire. He sprung forth from Silat directly.
Shaelar is responsible for war, strife, and general destruction.

Waejiran goddess of light, and daytime. Sidaelia was born of Silat and fathered by Shaelar.

The Goddess Silat, is rumoured to exist on the earthly plane in a Siladun, a timeless fortress surrounded by the vast salt flats in the Northern Waejiran Desert. She is the all mother, birther of the world, the embodiment of chaos and creation. She is said to be both forever formless and capable of taking any form. From her all life was born, first as the principle elements, and later her incestuous coupling with her own children produced the lesser gods, and so on. She is the great creator spirit whom existed before all else. All things are born of her flesh, and return to her flesh after death. No one who has braved to cross the seemingly endless salt in an attempt to discover her home has ever returned. Some say the great faceted dome of indestructible glass which caps the central chamber of the her temple in Waejiradur was brought forth from her fabled home at the conclusion of the God Wars millenia ago.

Nameless Waejiran god/dess, whose name was removed from history, for a great offense. Some believe this nameless one to still have some powers, but exactly what is left unsaid.

Waejiran god of forges, metal working, and smelting. The “Son of Dawn” was fathered by Shaelar and born of Sidaelia. Thanor is said to stoke the sun every morning, and the dawn’s glow is the heat of his forge.

Waejiran goddess of female strength. She was fathered by Qeinor and born to Raitha. Theila is most often portrayed as the virginal huntress. She is attributed with giving names to the stars, and teaching the secrets of navigation and astrology to the treahni.

Waejiran goddess of knowledge, invention, puzzles, secrets, and mystery. Vorsha was fathered by Shaelar and born of Silat.

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