Kyŧusave Primer Preview

I plan to eventually have a whole series of lessons in the various languages spoken on Entorais. Here is a quick sample of the sort:

Kyŧan Phrases

I am Pëpecyko. => Mana zaty Pëpecyko.

My name is Pëpecyko. => Hymana plö zaty Pëpecyko.

He is Nöl. => Mazna zaty Nöl.

She is Tycöva. => Mazva zaty Tycöva.

They are Nöl and Tycöva. => Mözmü zaty Nöl ad Tycöva.

We are Pëpecyko, Nöl and Tycöva. => Mömü zaty Pëpecyko, Nöl ad Tycöva.

I am a person => Mana zaty kableŧ.

He is a person. => Mazna zaty kableŧ.

She is a person. => Mazva zaty kableŧ.

Nöl and Tycöva are people. => Nöl ad Tycöva zaty bleŧmü.

They are people. => Mözmü zaty bleŧmü.

We are people. => Mömü zaty bleŧmü.

I am a man. => Mana zaty kableŧna.

Nöl is a man. => Nöl zaty kableŧna.

We are men. => Mönä zaty bleŧnä.

Tycöva is a woman. => Tycöva zaty kableŧva.

Nöl and Tycöva are a man and a woman. => Nöl ad Tycöva zaty kableŧna ad kableŧva.

Nöl and Tycöva married. => Nöl ad Tycöva źupäsül.

Nöl is Tycöva’s husband. => Nöl zaty hyTycöva sülna.

Tycöva is Nöl’s wife. => Tycöva zaty hyNöl sülva.

Nöl and Tycöva are husband and wife. => Nöl ad Tycöva zaty sülna ad sülva.

Nöl and Tycöva are spouses. => Nöl ad Tycöva zaty sülmü.

Nöl is the husband of Tycöva. => Nöl zaty mazsülna hy Tycöva.

Tycöva is the wife of Nöl. => Tycöva zaty mazsülva hy Nöl.

I am Nöl’s brother. => Mana zaty hyNöl rasna.

We are siblings. => Mönä zaty rasmü.

Tycöva is my sister-in-law. => Tycöva zaty hymana rasnasülva.

I am Tycöva’s brother-in-law. => Mana zaty hyTycöva sülnarasna.

My brother’s wife is my sister-in-law. => Hymana hyrasna sülva zaty hymana rasnasülva.

The wife of my brother is my sister-in-law. => Mazsülva hy hymana rasna zaty hymana rasnasülva.

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