Shaloki (600 x 400)
Shaloki – Commissioned Artist: Reddit User /u/MarkyBoy1313

Hunted by the Iskandean fishermen these aquatic reptiles are aggressive predators of schooling fish upon which the local economy depends. They are found in pods of 4-6 members (pair bonded adults with one or two year old young).

Adults average a length of 2-3 meters, and a mass upwards of 500 kg.Young are live-birthed, generally in pairs, measuring half a meter in length and massing about 5 kg. They grow quickly, reaching full adult size, and sexual maturity in three years.

They swim using their four fore-limb flippers, hind limbs ending in webbed feet, and powerful flat tail. They are capable of limited movement on land, using their ability to leap from the water to great effect if threatened. Their mottled appearance lends some camoflague while stalking prey fish, before attacking with a savage tearing bite.

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