Spiny Garke


This species of spiny garke, is a small limbless mammal found in the region of the deserts of Krolar. A typical adult specimen is approximately 60 cm in length, with a mass of 2-3 kg.

They are known to be omnivorous hunters of insects and other small animals. They also have been known to eat fruit and other fleshy portions of various desert plants. They do not stray far from their communal underground nests, and are often found in small groups of up to one dozen animals.

The species name comes from the backward projecting array of spines radiating from the creatures head and neck. These spines are not known to be poisonous. If grasped, the garke will lurch backwards to impale its captor. The creature can also deliver a painful bite using its hard beak, with which it crushes small prey, and vegetable matter.

The species shows gender dimorphism, with the females being dull brown desert sandstone in colour, while males are banded with white (ring every 4-5 cm), and far easier to spot.

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