A game originating in Kythus, that is played in taverns an gambling halls throughout Entorais using a paired set of discs marked with three shapes in three colours.

Players play to eliminate each others discs while trying to have the most remaining after the round  to score points according to two simple rules: “One by colour, two by shape”.

The material used, symbols, and colours vary widely with regional preferences, but the basic game and rules remain the same.

Simple farmers or tradesmen typically have sets of tokens carved from local hardwood, with simple cut shapes, and stained with plant dyes for colour. The most expensive set ever produced, belonging to the King of Kythus, is a ivory inlaid with garnet, sapphire, and topaz, banded in gold and silver.

The game is fast to play, and despite its exceedingly simple rules, can develop some very strategic play styles.

Complete Rules in PDF Format

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